ZOA Student Leadership Mission to Israel Blog

Participants on the 2010-2011 ZOA Student Leadership Mission to Israel have been blogging about their experiences. Click on the posts below to read about the trip.

Rachel Hedaya gives her reflections on visiting Sderot

Daniel Cohen writes about Yad Vashem and defending Israel
Danit Weiner looks back at visiting the Shomron


  • Ariel

    Ariel, a Shining Example for Any City

    By: Malka Rubin, Queens College January 8 began with a lesson in marketing, led by Zavi Apfelbaum, head of the Brand Management Department at the Foreign Ministry, who discussed how different countries are perceived. Brazil is often identified with beauty and fun, associations that are at odds with actuality in the poor, crime-ridden country. Regarding [...]

  • ZOA Trip Hebron

    ZOA Students in Hebron

    By: Samuel Guigui, Brandeis University Almost one week into the ZOA trip and I can’t say all of our group members’ views are completely in line with each other, however, we do all agree that Hevron is an extremely essential part of Jewish history and of the Jewish state. To further discover the deeply rooted [...]

  • Efrat

    ZOA visits the Shomron

    After being in our aptly named hotel, “Lev Yerushalayim” for the past week, we said “Lehitraot” to Jerusalem and started our journey north. Our first stop of the day was in Psagot in the Shomron region. We met with David Tzviel who told us about the group he started, PZPAC, which finds the issues that [...]

  • Sderot red alert

    ZOA Students Meet the Threatened Citizens of Sderot

    Upon arriving to our first destination of Sderot this morning, a city less than 1 kilometer from Gaza that has fallen victim to the attacks of Hamas’ reign of terror, I couldn’t help but notice the lively hills that surrounded us. A paradise, one would guess by initial sights. As we advanced, the sheet of [...]

  • zoa

    ZOA Student Leadership Mission to Israel 2011-12 BLOG #1

    Much of the thought behind the “two-state” paradigm is based on a fundamentally flawed conception of the history of the region.

  • gush-katif

    After the Gaza Giveaway

    Spring 2011 Issue of The College Zionist is now available online! Spring 2011 College Zionist To order copies please contact campus@zoa.org.

  • MaaleAdumim_1

    The Dispute over Ma’ale Adumim: How Important is it for Israel?

    Located just outside Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim has been controversial for many years. Some see it as a successful town and a good buffer to protect Jerusalem from terror attacks emanating from nearby Palestinian Arab towns and cities. Others see Ma’ale Adumim as an obstacle to peace. With the Obama administration pressuring Israel to freeze settlements, [...]

  • nason-700x500

    Debate: “Israel 101: Settlement Debate between ZOA and J Street”

    Complete footage of the debate between Josh Nason, Managing Director for Campus Programs for the Zionist Organization of America and Amy Spitalnick, Press Spokesperson and New Media Coordinator for J Street.

  • Avigdor_Lieberman_-_2011-2

    Avigdor Lieberman: The New Player in Israeli Politics

    Before the 2009 elections in Israel, the vast majority of American college students had no idea who Avigdor Lieberman was. Jewish and Zionist students recognized the names Netanyahu and Livni, and parties such as Likud, Labor, and Kadima. Lieberman, and his Yisrael Beiteinu party, were largely unknown. Since the elections last February, awareness of Avigdor [...]

  • jerusalem-UN

    Jerusalem’s Future: What’s Next For Israel’s Capital?

    The year is 2012. You are in Jerusalem, waiting to pray at the kotel, standing in line at a UN checkpoint under a UN flag. You are in the international old city of Jerusalem. You are sitting in a café on Ben Yehudah Street when the sirens go off. “Tzeva adom, Tzeva adom.” You have [...]